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A2 printing Building 94 Level 5

Is it true that students can no longer send A2 print jobs from Carlton Library to the Colorwave printer Building 94 Level 5? To carry out A2 printing, students need to send the print job from the classrooms next to the Colorwave printer, B94 L5, is this correct? Are there any other details to note for printer settings on the computer? 

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Re: A2 printing Building 94 Level 5

Hi @Donnak


I have checked on this one and as far as we are aware there has been no changes to being able to print from carlton library. 


Can you confirm whether you have tried doing so and have been unable to ? 

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Re: A2 printing Building 94 Level 5

It would be great if this information was updated on the Specialist printing website at:


This website has nothing about specialist printing in Bldg 94.