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Application for Laser Cut Service

I would like to apply for the license to access the laser cutting service in the uni. However I faced difficilties in finding the OSH online test from the RMIT website. May I know how can I access and get to the online test page? Thanks!

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Re: Application for Laser Cut Service

Hi Chan,


I apologise for the delay, I did some digging for you and It seems that the particular service is provided by your school.

Assuming you are enroled into a program that is provided by the School of Architecture and Design, the process in applying for such a license is outlined in a private site for students enrolled in their programs (LINK). If you don't have access to the site already you will need to request one.

For any more details on this you will need to contact your school directly.


Hope that helps! 



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Re: Application for Laser Cut Service

Hi - 


I am studying Communication Design (now part of the School of Design). I am just wondering if I would have access to the laser cutter as well? Kind regards