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Calling RMIT Vietnam from desk phone

Is it possible to call RMIT Vietnam extensions from your desk phone, using the internal VoIP system? Or do we need to make an international call to do this?


I've just had to call Vietnam but ended up using my included overseas dialling minutes on my personal mobile plan. 


For next time, is there a way I can do this internally?


Had tried to use Google Hangouts but my colleagues in Vietnam don't have a headset, so a phone call is easiest.


Thanks for your help Smiley Happy



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Re: Calling RMIT Vietnam from desk phone

Hi @e33576 ,


Making calls to RMIT Vietnam requires staff to have International dialling enabled on their RMIT phone.

Here is a link to some further information regarding "Making STD/IDD calls (for staff) : 


I hope this information helps.



Smokin_Barry, ITS