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Can't access MyDeskTop or Canvas Lessons


I was just wondering whether anyone else has been unable to access Canvas and MyDeskTop since the Digital ID Card security was implemented nearly two weeks ago?  I have been unable to access either of those services via my home internet connection since that time.  I had a private computer technician at my house who says it appears there is a security issue with my ISP's server being rejected due to the additional security measures.  I have tried the following:


- Cleared the DNS - flushdns, release, renew etc

- Plug-in via ethernet

- Cleared browser history

- Emptied cache

- Reset browser to default settings

- Factory reset modem

- Other accounts provided by ISP also do not work

- Uninstalled security

- Turned off firewall

- Cleaned Windows registry

- Different router

- Different DNS settings

- Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera, Safari

- Different devices (i.e. iPad, phone) logged into home wi-fi cannot access it

- My computer can access it when tethered via mobile phone

- Numerous telephone calls to ISP who cannot locate an issue

- I can browse all other websites perfectly except for Canvas and MyDeskTop

- I can access Canvas and MyDeskTop at other locations


If anyone else has had this problem since the Digital ID Cards came in, did you come up with a solution?  Before then I could access those services without a problem.  My ISP is Dodo.  This situation is very upsetting and frustrating.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Kind regards,