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How do you change the status on MOBI to commited?

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Re: Canada 2017 Study Tour

Hi Gloria,


Good question!


When you log into your Mobi Application Portal, your landing page should be titled "Your Home Page: NAME - Applicant Home Page". 


On this page, you are able to see a list of applications on the left and your bio & messages on the right.


Where you see the list of applications, you should be able to see the names of the programs that you've applied for in red. These are actually clickable links and will take you to the specific application. Once you've loaded the application, the first box on the right hand side of the page should be the "Commitment to Participate" box and should have the option to "Accept" your place in the program or "Withdraw" from the program.


If you do not see the Commitment to Participate box, it can be for one of the following reasons:

  • The decision date of the program has not yet passed. In this case, please double check the decision date listed on the program page. 

  • The program was set up in a particular way and the system is not showing the commitment to participate box. 

If the decision date has already passed and you still aren't able to see the box, please contact the Global Experience team through RMIT Connect and provide the name of the program so that we can look into the issue!


I hope this helps!