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Cloud Print for Papercut

Dear ITS,

I'm increasingly using my android device for general RMIT work. For many tasks it is much faster and more convenient than a notebook.

Being able to print from said device would increase my productivity significantly.

My understanding is that Google Cloud Print is available for papercut.

Cloud Print works great on my personal printer.

Could this be enabled for the RMIT print system? 


Paul Minifie


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Re: Cloud Print for Papercut

I'm not surprised to see two requests for this servce (the other post), but I am surprised to see no reply to both of the forums.

I too would love to see the Google Cloud print functionality available to RMIT students and staff.


According to this site, Chrome holds over a 58% market share for browers, of which, Google Cloud Print is a default add-on. Firefox has a share of ~12% and can have Google Cloud Print functionality with Cloud Print add-on.

The beauty of printing from the browser is you need to be authenticated to use the functionality.


If a user does not have either of these browsers or wants to print from the desktop of their personal devices, there are programs one can install to have that too.


I even found this link that specifically mentions Google Cloud Print and its utility available for PaperCut.



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Re: Cloud Print for Papercut

Hi @Annoying and @s3571194


Thanks for your question, I have raised this question with our IT services team that manage printing to confirm whether this is something that is feasible. I am hoping to get further information from them by next week. I will update this thread, once I have the information.



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