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How long does a Dreamspark subscription last?


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Re: Dreamspark

As long as you're an eligible student, but you'll love the however part.

As per the T&Cs found here:


Renewal options:

Part of the T&C listed below
b. End of Student Status.

The DreamSpark Direct Subscription is a special offering for students. Once you no longer qualify for the DreamSpark Direct Subscription (due to graduation or otherwise no longer meeting the definition of "you" above), your DreamSpark Direct Subscription will terminate; however, you may continue to use the software you obtained prior to termination of your student status subject to the terms of this agreement.
c. Termination.
Microsoft may terminate the entire DreamSpark program or your specific DreamSpark Direct Subscription at any time without prior notice to you for any reason or no reason.



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Re: Dreamspark

12 months.


And when it expires it's easy to renew.

"In order to download the same tools and products used by professional developers you need to create a student account and verify your student status the first time you access DreamSpark. Your account will be valid for 12 months."