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Ever find that typing the same stuff is slowing you down?

Then check outTexter!


Texter is a free open-source text substitution/expansion app and it will save you a whole lot of time. 


You can set up hotstrings (these are what you create to be the triggers of your substitutions) to expand almost anything, from pre-written emails to shortenings of common reponses. For example, you can set up a hotstring gm to substitute the words "Good morning", or make a hotstring called %signature% that automatically substitutes pastes your email signature in any text field.


It makes tedious tasks like writing emails and typical messages so much faster. For the IT savvy folk, it is very lightly scriptable using Windows hot keys, too, so you can automate tabbing and send hot keys to the window that's focused.


I use it at home and at work and have for the last few months and I couldn't live without it. One suggestion I have though is to go into the options and turn off the spellcheck -- this feature is a little buggy and annoying.




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