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FIXED: RMIT-Global printer "Paused - Server Offline" (print jobs not processing)


I can send items to the RMIT Global print queue, but they don't show up on the printer after I log in.

I'm using a RMIT computer on the city campus that has successfullty printed items in the past. 


My default printer is 

'RMIT-Global on'

and the status says 

'Paused - Server Offline'. 

(Image below)


 printer offline.PNG



Could this be related to yesterday's restart of the printers?

I called the helpdesk, but was on hold for an extended period so posted here instead. 



EDIT (1 hour later): Appears to be fixed now. 


Re: FIXED: RMIT-Global printer "Paused - Server Offline" (print jobs not processing)

Hi @aleisha

Thanks for posting!


Due to printing issues yesterday the print servers were unavailable between 11:30am and 11:40am while they were restarted, but that should have been the only time these were unavailable.
Glad the issue is now resolved!
In the case of a problem like this, your first step of contacting the Service and Support Centre was the correct choice as one of our staff can attempt to remotely connect to your computer and troubleshoot. If the issue is less urgent, you can also log an online job via the link below:
Phone: (03) 9925 8888 (ext 58888)


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