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Firefox and Ethernet

Why does Firefox drop out when I am connected to the internet with Ethernet? Firefox works with just Wifi. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Firefox and Ethernet

Hi James,


Depending on your location at RMIT, sometimes a proxy server still needs to be used while on the ethernet connection.


To change your firefox proxy settings go to the firefox preferences, located in the top right corner area.


Go to "Advanced", then "Network". Select "Settings" from the Connection area.


Select "Manual proxy configuration" and change the HTTP proxy to "" with the port 8080, alternatively you can also use "proxy" with the port 8080.


Of course when you go home and try to use it you will need to change it back.

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Re: Firefox and Ethernet

Great, it worked. Thanks very much.


Re: Firefox and Ethernet

Just a side note: 


Some buildings in RMIT have quirks. For example... Building 37 ethernet has a block on it, but the wireless doesn't. So sometimes it pays to test if something works on WiFI when it doesn't when wired.