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How do I delegate access to my Outlook Web App (OWA) items?

The gmail to Office 365 migration does not migrate your gmail delegates.  You need to set up your delegates for OWA post-migration.

Note: If you have set up your delegates in Outlook, you do not need to repeat this for OWA.


Delegating an OWA mailbox folder


1. Right click on the mail folder name and then click Permissions...


OWA Delegate access 1.JPG



Adding a delegate


1. Click the to select one or more users to delegate to.


OWA Delegate access 2.JPG


2. Type the fist or last name of the person you wish to delegate to and select a name from the search results.

OWA Delegate access 3.JPG

3.  Click Add.

OWA Delegate access 4.JPG



Setting the permissions


1. Click Permission Level: to view the delegation level options

OWA Delegate access 5.JPG


The following table describes each of the delegation level options.

Local Outlook - Delegation4 - settings.JPG


  • Only users who create a folder can delete its subfolders. If users did not create a folder, they would not be able to remove its subfolders regardless of their permissions.
  • Users with permission levels starting with Contributor and higher can only create Meeting Requests in the shared calendar. If you want users to create Appointments you need to set default permissions for your Calendar as Editor.



2. Click OK.

OWA Delegate access 7.JPG