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How do I set up my email rules (filters) in Outlook?


The gmail to Office 365 migration does not migrate your gmail filters.  You need to set up your gmail filters as Rules in Outlook post-migration.


Locate your gmail message filters


1. Within gmail Settings, click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab

gmail Rules1 - settings.JPG


2. gmail filters can only be exported to XML format, which cannot be imported to Outlook, and there is no tool to translate the exported filter into a suitable Outlook format. Therefore you can

  • select each gmail filter for editing, note the filter settings and manually enter these settings in a new Outlook rule, or
  • create a new rule ignoring the current gmail filter settings.


Capturing the current gmail filter settings


1. Edit each filter to see the settings.  Note the settings of the first page of the filter.  Click Continue >>


gmail Rules2 - settings.JPG


2. Note the settings of the second page of the filter.  Click Cancel to exit the filter.


. gmail Rules3 - settings.JPG



Create a rule in Outlook


1. Click Home > Move > Rules

Local Outlook - Rules1.JPG

2. Click Create Rule...


3. Enter the details of the new rule.

 Local Outlook - Rules2.JPG


3. A warning message is displayed when your rule is created.

Local Outlook - Rules3.JPG



3. Click the tick box as required and then tick OK.