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Losing printing credit

Hi there,


I have a printing issue at Design hub level6 with colourwave550. My work has not printed but printing credit was deducted(30 bucks for A0 X 3).

Please refer to the attached image. It shows printed but I have't received any printings and the colour wave550 showed a sign as " 'file name' is not available."

I am wondering how I can credit back.

I look forward to aswering from you soon.


Best regards,


Dennis Jonghwan Park



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Re: Losing printing credit

Hi @npnom438


I've had a look at your account and have sent you a PM with further details.





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Re: Losing printing credit

Hi - 


I have recently lost $30 printing credit - 


I tried to print to the colourwave 550 which has recently just moved to the design hub. 


It wouldnt print and had no notifications as to why - I had printed earlier and had no problems. But I couldnt print everything in order to pin up for my presentation - as I was leaving after my 3 hour class there was an IT man leaving the design hub saying the colourwave was out of paper. So im assuming once they reloaded the paper my stuff printed but it was no use to me at that point. 









Re: Losing printing credit

Hi @rose_willis

I've just sent you a PM with further details on your print job.
You can open the message by clicking on your username in the upper right > Messages

In future, should you experience any issues with any of the specialist printers please notify ITS immediately by contacting 9925 8888.
We ask you to do this as:
1) ITS send technicians directly to specialist printers to diagnose and resolve issues
2) Reporting the error provides a record which can be used to support requests for refunds

Kind regards,