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Making fonts works in Adobe Photoshop.

If you are reading this post, then you are probably one of those people who, like myself, was infuriated that the font I wanted to use wasn't installed locally & that typekit in the adobe creative suite *does not* work!

Additionally, students are unable to install fonts locally and ITS have made it their policy that students cannot request font installs.
(They ask that you ask your course coordinator to cordinate it for you - which takes time to arrange.)

If you, like me, are time-poor and fustrated by all the red tape - here is a neat workaround for those who arent able to wait that long.


Step1: Open up InDesign and goto File > Package.
Step 2: Click Package... on the window that comes up.

Step 3: Click Continue.
Step 4: Choose a location to save your package.
Make sure that 'copy font' and 'include fonts...' are checked.


Step 5: Open up the folder/package that you have just created.
Step 6: Create a new folder called 'Document fonts'.
Step 7: Copy and Patste the files for the font you want to use into your new 'Document fonts' folder.
(In this case the font that I wanted to use was Open Sans)
Step 8: Open the '*.indd' file from within your package folder.
The fonts you have put in your 'Document fonts' folder should be available to use in this document. 
Step 9: Type the text that you need in the font that you want, then export the document as a '.png' image. 

Step 10: Open the image that you just created in whatever application you need to use it in (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator).



At this point all that is left is to copy and paste the text as an object into the image that you want to use it in.
If you use mydesktop then you can have all the Adobe Suite apps in one window and switch between them as your doing this.

Hope this someday helps someone else out there.


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Re: Making fonts works in Adobe Photoshop.

There has been the ability for users of the Adobe Suite to use their own fonts in the Adobe applications for many years now.


To make use of this funtionality:

  1. For the user account you wish to use the fonts with, create a folder on the desktop for that user called "AdobeFonts" (full path is H:\Configuration\Desktop\AdobeFonts)
  2. Simply copy the fonts in question into that location
  3. Launch desired Adobe application
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