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Microsoft imagine

When i register in the Microsoft imagine website. It let me get request a account from the RMIT connect. it say"if no account has been created for you yet, you will need to request an account. " If you received notice that an account has been created for you on this WebStore, you may enter your RMIT email address to complete your registration.


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Hi @leo


I've PM'd you further details regarding your inquiry.
You can click on your MyCommunity username in the upper right and select Messages.


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Thank u. This problem is solver already 

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Can you share the solution? Is Microsoft Imagine available to RMIT students?

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Hi @EthanTLW


Not all students qualify for an account, they must be currently studying certain courses and programs. School Microsoft Imagine Premium coordinators decide which courses/programs are eligible.

Eligible courses/programs vary from semester to semester. 


If a student is not studying a qualifying course/ program, they can speak with their relevant school to get in contact with School Microsoft Imagine Premimum coordinator. 


I hope this helps 

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Do all staff have opportunity to sign up for this?