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Printing - Personal Device

Hi guys,


As a staff member who occasionally brings my personal laptop to work, I'm wondering what my options are for printing from my device. 


I'm aware that I can login to myDesktop and print from there, however I'd like to know if there are any more direct and simple alternatives?



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Re: Printing - Personal Device

Would love this option! 


Re: Printing - Personal Device


Hi BrittyP

Thanks for posting!


Unfortunately, at the current time printing from an RMIT computer or via MyDesktop are the only options available as both of these environments have internal connections to the RMIT-Global print queue.
As you're probably aware, so long as your files are accessible via MyDesktop they can be printed in much the same fashion as being on an RMIT computer (info can be found in the KB article below):

But do keep an eye on the RMIT website and MyTechCommunity forums for any changes!