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Qualtrics - is it possible to recover deleted data?

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I am running an experiment using qualtrics surveys - we had a dummy run where the investigators on the project tested the surveys. I promptly deleted the dummy data so it wouldn't get confused with real data. However, I then found out the investigators were interested to see the data from their surveys. Is there a way to recover data that you have deleted in qualtrics?


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Re: Qualtrics - is it possible to recover deleted data?

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Unfortunately RMIT does not have backend access to Qualtrics in regards to the data it captures, they only have access to manage the user profiles and accounts.

I have looked through the documentation, it does not seem like something possible on the user's end, you may need to contact Qualtrics (email to: directly to see if they have a snapshot of the responses, which they could then restore or send to you.

Would be great to hear the response you get from Qualtrics as that information seems to be missing within the documentation.


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