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Hello, community!


I'm doing a survey for my assignment and we have opted to use Qualtrics to conduct the questionnaires. However, the place that we are conducting the survey does not have an active international connection and most my team members does not have that much data allowance to conduct the survey. 


Qualtrics has this feature called Qualtrics Offline App, however, I'm not able to generate the necessary information to utilise the app itself. So, I was wondering if anyone has a way around it? Or am I able to request from someone to grant me access to it? 


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Qualtrics

Hi Raymond,


Unfortunately, RMIT's Qualtrics licence does not include the Qualtrics Offline Surveys feature. RMIT users will not be able to generate Qualtrics API token due to this feature is not included in our RMIT Qualtrics Enterprise licence.


You may need to discuss with your instructor if they are able to advise use other tools in completing your assignment.



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Re: Qualtrics


I want to collaboarte with an other researcher from Deakin university. But my online Qualtrics account says I need an API token for collaboration. How can I access this API token?