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RMIT creds - can't add course to cart

Anyone else experiencing issues with RMIT cred's? Attempt to "add to cart" this course ( and it just gives up a 404 error. This also happens for at least one other course tested on the cred site (e.g. ...


Clean trialled in Firefox (with no existing authentication applied) to test if it was a browser/authentication issue. Same error message appears.


Also, related side note, screenshot of the RMIT feedback function attached (me trying to submit the above via the official channels), and not being able to submit feedback as it just stalls with "please wait".


Functional website feedback and a cred site that allows you to partiipate in the short course would be a smart idea; or am doing something completely wrong?

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Re: RMIT creds - can't add course to cart

having same problemScreenshot (267).pngScreenshot (268).png