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Unable to log in to Google Community



I am unable to log in to my Google Community, thus I am unable to hand in my assignment.



Davina Liu


Re: Unable to log in to Google Community

Hi @ddliu002
Thanks for posting!


To access Google+ features like communities, you will first have needed to opt-in to Google Plus. If you haven't done so you can visit the opt-in page for students:


1. Click the Opt-In link for Google+
2. Click the accept button and proceed to your student email inbox.
3. Select Google+ from the Google Apps Icon in the upper right   GoogleAppsIcon.jpg
4. You will need to create a basic Google+ profile as the last step before you can access any of the additional features (hangouts, communities, etc). Only your name, date of birth and gender are mandatory.


Once you have setup your Google+, follow the link provided to you for your desired community and you should be able to access.


Hope this helps you out!



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