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Why I can't get into STS

It says if I recently enrolled I need 48hrs to wait until I can get in.
Why I be late to sign up for my classes then???

Re: Why I can't get into STS

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You are correct that if you have recently enrolled, it will be 48 hours before that information finalises and reflect in RMIT systems. Once that has occurred you should be able to access the STS system the following day.
(For example: If you enrolled early Monday, that enrolment info would not finalise and reflect until at least Wednesday and you should have access to STS the following day).

If your situation is similar to the above, you will have to wait for that window of time to pass before accessing STS (you will likely get an error advising you are not "a valid user" before that time).


If you have any further issues, please don't hesitate to contact Timetabling support:
Web > Services > Timetables
Phone: (03) 9925 5000 > Option 2 > Option 3 - Timetables


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Re: Why I can't get into STS

In addition to what @Ahutch0 said, I wanted to provide some further context as obviously you're upset about not having immediate access to the timetables, and worried about missing out.


The reason for the 48 hour wait is not a policy decision - instead, it's a technical limitation of our current system setup. Basically put, our servers update and synchronise data between our identity, timetabling and enrolment management systems overnight (I believe it's to mitigate risk, and also to manage the load on the servers, but ITS know more about that than I). We know it's not ideal, but your feedback does get taken on board when discussing priorities for future systems improvement.


I can't promise the perfect timetable, but if you are stuck with no class offerings that you can actually attend then please contact us and we'll help you out.

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