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documnet"enable editing' lost assignment !!!

Hi guys if you click on a document from blackboard and click enable editing and fill in all the questions and click save where does it get saved too and is there anyway for getting it back


Re: documnet"enable editing' lost assignment !!!

Hi @KellyRowell
Thanks for posting!


If you've downloaded the Word .doc to your computer from one of your course blackboards, it should be in the same place with the same filename after you've finished editing it.
(Eg: if you download to the Documents folder, open the file, click "Enable Editing" and make and save all your changes, the file should still remain in the Documents folder with the same filename.)
You also need to make sure you are actually saving a copy of the files locally to the computer and not just opening it in your web browser.

You can search for the document on the computer using it's filename:
Mac: Use the magnifying glass (Spotlight Search) in the upper right of the Desktop

Windows: Click the Start Button and type the filename into the "search programs and files" bar


Hope this helps you out!