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myrmit account locked

To whom it may concern, 


I tried logging in to my myrmit account and it says that my account is locked. Also, i have an online test that will be due tomorrow. Is there any ways that i can possibly unlock my account ASAP. As the IT services are close until Monday. But that would be too late as my test will be due tomorrow. I need help ASAP


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Re: myrmit account locked

Hi @alisonchow
Thanks for posting!


I've just checked your account and there appears to be no lockouts currently in place, so you should be able to log in as normal.

If you attempt and fail to log into MyRMIT three times, you will receive the "this account is currently locked" message and this will remain in place for approximately 30 minutes. After this time you may attempt again (or reset your password if you are unsure of it).


If you find your account repeatedly locks while you are on campus, please check your personal devices (laptop, phone, tablet) to ensure they are not attempting to log in or connecto to the the wifi using older or incorrect passwords.


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Re: myrmit account locked


my rmit student account is locked. It says that the number of attempts are exceeded. Please help as I cannot access my account. 

also, I have connected my laptop to the mobile hotspot as the "RMIT-University" wifi is not working on my laptop. Please tell me how to fix this.

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Re: myrmit account locked

I need help with my rmit email account.

i can't acces the account.

it stated that my account got blocked.

how do i unblocked it?