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no Internet connection

I'm a PhD student. My PC (8044784) couldn't connceted with Internet for three days. The socket number is 412. And my working place is 

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Re: no Internet connection

Oh no, that's bad. @Ahutch0 can help - though I really recommend calling extension 58888 as soon as possible to get a technician out to you.


Don't forget to run all the usual checks - trying different PCs on the same socket, different socket, different cables, etc.

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Re: no Internet connection

Hi @Sissi


Can you confirm if you already have a job logged with ITS regarding this issue (this will likely begin with INC)?
If not, we can log a job now based on the information provided.

For future reference, @jbh's advice is correct: for more urgent issues of this nature it's better to contact the Service and Support Centre on 9925 8888 (ext 58888) and we can gather the information and create a call for you on the spot.

You can reply here to advise of the above.