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options for live online discussion?

What are my options for holding live online discussion with my online students?  Ideally 20 people would have access at once.

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Re: options for live online discussion?

Hi @sarah 


Have you taken a look into Google Hangouts? You can use this for either a live group chat or a group video call, and all RMIT students and staff can sign in with their RMIT email credentials.


There is some info here:


Hope this helps!



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Re: options for live online discussion?

That is an excellent resource.


However, don't students have to opt in to google + first?


My students are returning to study after years away, and any info needs to go right back to the very start.


I tried a hangout with my class, and half the students couldn't get access to the group chat, and could only open individual chats with me.


Too many technical issues just getting students on.