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printing credit

I have a question about the print credit. I heard students get about 20 dollars for printer each semester, but until now, I still not see the credit.  Anyone knows how should I do or ask?


Re: printing credit

Hi @woowu


You're partially correct on that one. The schools do grant a certain amount of default printing credit to students at the start of each semester (the amount is usually available by the end of the first week of semester). This amount will vary from school to school.
The most common reason for this amount not being applied if if you're a late enrolment to your studies. You can always inquire with ITS, however, as if we can confirm the default credit has not already been applied we can manually adjust it for you.


In this case, I can see the default credit was already manually adjusted for you in late July for Semester 2, so your account is up to date.



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