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ricoh faxing?


anyone know how to:

a) send a fax to an international number from one of the Ricoh printers?


b) if there is a fax number attached to a Ricoh printer to be able to receive a fax?


c) if an existing fax number is supposed to have been matched to an existing Ricoh printer whether something has to be done at the receiving end (the printer) to receive the fax?

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Re: ricoh faxing?

Hi Adrian!
Thanks for posting!

Faxing is not available on all Ricoh printers. I'll try to see what I can find out on International numbers specifically.

If the function is set up, generally sending can be achieved by the following:

1. Swipe your RMIT ID card at the scanner
2. From the ‘Select Operation to Perform’ screen, select Use Device Functions.
3. Press the Facsimile button on the device (not touch pad)
4. Place the originals: - On exposure glass (face down) or - Auto document feeder (face up).
5. Enter the fax number then press the Start button. Confirmation message appears.
6. If you are finished, press the Home/Main power button, select the PaperCut icon and logout.

You should also be able to find out the fax number for a Ricoh device (again, if it has one) by the following:
1. Press the User Tools/Counter button (right hand side of the device pad, not touch pad)
2. Press Facsimile Features on the touch screen.
3. Press Initial Settings on the touch screen.
4. Press Program Fax Information on the touch screen.
5. Press Own Fax Number on the touch screen.
Some smart cookies also stick the fax number on the machine itself with a sticker or similar.

As far as I'm aware, fax's sent to a specific number should come through automatically.
If anyone else in the community can confirm the above, please do put in your 2 cents worth! =)