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End of Blackboard

Do we know when we will no longer have access to Blaskboard as staff? Creating multiple choice quizzes in Blackboard is so much easier than in Canvas...


Re: End of Blackboard

Hi @trevorrook


Blackboard is officially closed for any teaching as of 2018.

Staff can continue to access Blackboard directly or from the Learning Hub using the new Limited Access Instructor role. This allows staff to view past Blackboard content while restricting the majority of editing access. Blackboard Collaboration tools such as Wikis, Blogs and Journals will also continue to be available.


To learn more about the Blackboard Limited Access role, you can read about it on the “Blackboard Limited Access” article posted on myCommunity.


In regards to Quizzes, I'd keep you eye out on the Canvas community. A new quizzes tool is currently being developed by Instructure (for Canvas) which main solve a few of those pain points you have with the existing quiz in Canvas.

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Re: End of Blackboard

Thanks for this, but do we have an actual date for the end of Blackboard?

Again, the reason I need to know is that quizzes are easily generated in Blackboard, and until the quizzes tool arrives in Canvas, Blackboard is the only real option.

I might add that, last year, one of the Canvas staff promised the quizzes tool would be ready by Christmas. Foolishly I did not ask which Christmas she was referring to...