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Hot spots - Bb - FYI

If anyone is having issues with the "hot spot" question types in Bb, you might want to read the following.


Over the past few years, my students have reported trying to answer Bb questions in a test, where it suggests to select a point on a the screen in the question (eg. "Pick a point on the diagram below to show where the centre of a circle is").  Some times the point they picks gets recorded incorrectly and they find it impossible to select what they infact want to select.


I've found that if the browser is not set to a viewing scale of 100%, the error happens.  I set the browser to 110%, started a test (with a hot spot question) and tried to pick.  It miss-picked.  I then set it back to 100% and it selected the actual point correctly.


To set a browser to 100% (easily) in windows, use the shortcut key <CTRL>0 (i.e. control + zero).

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