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Personal dashboard issues.

Hi guys,


I am enrolled in study period 2 (Have confirmed with OUA and RMIT) however my study period 2 classes are not appearing on my blackboard, I cannot access any learing material.

My study period 1 classes are still showing on my dashboard!!


Can anyone tell me what I need to do please!

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Re: Personal dashboard issues.

@Emma1 Hi Emma, you can go to RMIT Connect and ask them to have a look at your case. they are located in building 10 level 4. If you are an international student, you can aslo go to RMIT info conner in building 22.


Good luck.


Tony Duan

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Re: Personal dashboard issues.

Hi @Emma1


To expand on @Tony-XiaoyiDuan's response:
Students will only receive access to course blackboards seven days prior to the course start date. OUA and TAFE subjects may not follow the HE start dates in some cases as well.
You can still confirm your enrolments with RMIT Connect if you want to be sure. But otherwise I would think it would be due to those start dates not having arrived yet.


Hope this helps you out!




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Re: Personal dashboard issues.

Thank you, Adam @Ahutch0

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