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Where to apply for Credit/RPL



I've been trying to find how to submit a Service Now (RMIT Connect) ticket to request a credit transfer / RPL.

All I can find is information on "when" and "how" to apply for Credit Transfer/RPL, but not where to actually submit the ticket.

This has been very frustrating, and I've been searching the RMIT intranet for a long time trying to find a link to "Submit new credit enquiry".


I've been using information on this site, but this doesn't give me anything.

Where should I go? And I might also suggest that the link to request credit/rpl is included somewhere on the below link:

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Re: Where to apply for Credit/RPL


It depends on the program you are enrolling that you need to contact the relevant school administration office. Go to for contact details of each school, then About and Contact, write about your application. The assessor will work with you on submission of required documents for credit transfer. When all documents are submitted, it will take several weeks for approval and entry in the system. When the credit transfer is done, you will be notified about that via email. 


Hope that helps.


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Re: Where to apply for Credit/RPL

@NganPhan Good work! thanks.


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