Add staff to Canvas

Instructors have the ability to add staff to Canvas sites. There are eight roles to which an Instructor can add and assign a user:

  • Teacher
  • TA
  • Grader
  • Course Designer
  • Mentor
  • SLAMS Coordinator
  • SLAMS Mentor
  • Observer

Note: Students are automatically enrolled in courses. Staff are unable to add students to a class in the 'Student' role manually. If you have a student missing from their course, the student will need to check their enrollment first, then speak to ITS.

It is important that you only put active teaching staff members in a course under the Teacher role.


To add a staff member to your Canvas course:

  1. Click People in the Course Navigation menu on the left side of your Canvas course.
  2. Click Add People
  3. Enter the RMIT email address of the staff member
  4. Select the role of the user in the Role menu

  5. Select the section the user belongs to (if they belong to all classes for that course, this section will already be selected)
  6. Click Next
    Select Next
  7. Confirm the address is correct and select Add Users
    Select Add Users

Note: Instructors can only add RMIT staff to a course if they have an active RMIT staff number and email address.

  • The user must accept the course invitation to participate in the course. Until the user accepts the course invitation, the user's status will display as pending.
  • If you are adding multiple users at the same time, all users inherit the same role and section.

For more information, please visit the Canvas Community Guide.

New Visitor

Re: Add staff to Canvas

Hi Kim,


   One question that has been coming up is what levels of access are there for the support roles (ie. TA, Mentor and Slams Mentor)?


   Academics will likely want to know which is the most appropriate role for their sessonal teaching staff as well as for other areas such as PAL mentoring programs and in order to make that decision some awareness of the permissions allocated to these "support" roles in Canvas may be required.