How to delete or upload files (Instructor)

You can manage all your images, assignments and files in the Files tool within your course. Files is located in the course navigation and it will be light grey (hidden from student view).

Once in there, you will be able to move, organise, delete or upload files or folders within your course. The files will be displayed in alphabetical order and you will be able to drag and drop or use the Move/Delete option in the settings.


Note: You can drag and drop files or folders from your computer into the files section. Make sure that your file names are appropriate and easy to understand!

To edit or upload files in your course

  1. Select Files in your course navigation
  2. Select the settings wheel to rename, delete, download or move a file
  3. Select the Upload button to upload files or folders from your computer. You can also create a new folder to organise your files using the Add Folder button located next to the Upload button

For more information, see the chapter on Files in the Canvas Community.