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sS3541116 here. i was a student in 2015, took a year off, now i'd like to re enrol for s2 2017.


I have no luck enrolling via the Enrolment Online website. the error is:

Session Expired


Your User ID and/or Password are invalid.


My question is: considering i'm a past student, how do i enrol online for s2 2017?


Please also cc in as I don't often check my student email address.


Many thanks in advance,


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RMIT Connect

Re: Enrolling Online

Hi @S3541116 - that's a rather difficult one to answer, given that you are able to log into myCommunity, so you must therefore have a login of some description.


I'd recommend the following:


As a quick side note - unfortunately I can't "cc" email addresses out of the myCommunity platform. More to the point, I recommend that you do start checking your student email address on a regular basis - I've worked in student services both here and at UniMelb for a few years now, and I can't count the number of students who have landed in deep trouble simply because they didn't read reminders and communications from the University into their student email address. Definitely, at the very least, consider putting an automatic forward on your student address to make sure you're across everything.



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