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Hi, team

Because of the network limits in China, I can't open the gmail to check the mails. Today , I found that I have missed the reenrollment period as a student for 2017 semester 1. I still in China now, so i can't come to the connect. Is there anyway can help me to be enrolled for this semester.


Thank you for the help.

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Re: Enrollment online

Hi Yifei, I'm sorry to hear about this. You'll need to complete the application for late re-enrolment, which is available from I assume you're a Higher Education student, please let us know if this is not the case.


There is a late fee of $200 that will be applied to your account - you can appeal this if you feel you have strong reason for not re-enrolling. However, I should add that I doubt you would be successful in appealing the late fee, because the re-enrolment period was from the 2nd of November to the 19th of December, when I assume you were in Australia.


As much I am a big fan of Gmail, I do appreciate that it's not available in China. Might I recommend that you consider setting up an automatic forward on your account when you travel back home? This would help you to keep on top of everything that happens at RMIT, even when you're away.


Best of luck with your application for late re-enrolment. 春节快乐!

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