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Enrolment online

Hey there, Unfortunately I've fallen behind in the enrolment process, I've applied for a Bachelor of Communication (Media), and I've received emails about info sessions and enrolment that I've missed out on, due to the fact that Gmail had sent them to spam. 

Anyway, on the process of enrolling online, I've been asked to put through my New Zealand Passport number and expiry date, and unfortunately my passport has expired about 3 weeks ago, I'm sending it through for a renewal now, but it could take weeks. 

I'm not sure what to do about this, as I cannot complete my enrolment process without my Passport. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 






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Re: Enrolment online

Hi Joshua


Welcome to RMIT and myCommunity.    I work for RMIT Connect and it looks like one of colleagues was able to help you get things sorted out today.    


Your Bachelors enrolment program structure is a bit of a complex one at first glance.   Do have a careful read through of it - there's contact info for your program coordinator and info on orientation dates at the bottom.    Once you have enrolled have a read of the What's Next page and we'll see you ready to get stuck into study in a couple of weeks!