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Why can't I apply to certain courses?

I am a current RMIT student so I am trying to apply directly through RMIT. When trying to add a game design course to my preferences for example, it doesn't show up in the list of available courses and using the course code (BP214) results in a "no programs found" option. It is within the application dates, why can't I apply? This has also occurred with a couple of other courses I've tried to search for.


Re: Why can't I apply to certain courses?

Hi @kristenc,


The search from RMIT is not the best :-) Does it show up in the general list under game design? Is it offered the semester you would like to add it? 

If you think the school is offering your subject next semester but it doesn't show up, try to contact the course coordinator. They'll be able to help you out.


Good luck!