Accepting Solutions in the myCommunity (Mobile Site)

   One of the key purposes of the myCommunity is the sharing of knowledge and experiences amongst
   the community at large.
   If you've posed a question on the forums, it's very likely someone may provide a solution to this question
   that works for you, in which case you can mark the response as a Solution.
   Marking responses as a Solution is very important as it helps others who are accessing the forums to
   find potential answers more readily.
   If you've had a question successfully answered, please take a moment to accept it as the Solution for the
   benefit of other myCommunity members (and yourself, should you ever forget).

   1. First you make a post with your question:


   2. Next, other members of the myCommunity will reply. If you find a reply that answers your question, tap the
       Accept button.



   3. Once a solution has been accepted it will be highlighted in green for all other members to see. The initial
       post in the
thread will also display the "Go To Solution" link, which will take other members directly to the
       accepted answer.










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Re: Accepting Solutions in the myCommunity (Mobile Site)

Thank you for the guidance. Fantastic world to be a part of.
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