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Access to 9.2.20 outside of classes?

I'm a digital media student, am I allowed to use this room ?

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Re: Access to 9.2.20 outside of classes?

Hi RL 
The Bonza Lab has some special equiptment in it, so it's not available for every student to use after hours (or at all in some cases). If you go up to the Media Comms front desk on level 4 of building 9, you can submit a security access form, if you're in classes where you usually have access to this space then you should get after hours access to the lab. The general level of access afforded to people who study in building 9 is pretty good (I am a creative writing student here too, all my classes are in 9),  most doors in the bottom 3 levels of the building will be unlockable for you, so you should find some appropriate space to get into.