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Acquiring a student card (for OUA student)

Afternoon! I am a new RMIT student, via Open Universities. I have sorted email out and whatnot, but when I go to My Services in my RMIT, it says Student Does Not Exist in ID System. Please help - my id is s3669493 (otherwise how would I have an RMIT email account?) 




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Re: Acquiring a student card (for OUA student)

Hi @kasantos, welcome to both RMIT and to the Community. 


Unfortunately, OUA students don't get student cards - I believe (though I'm not 100% certain) that this is based on not requiring building access or on-campus printing. I do acknowledge that student cards can be handy for discounted sport and movie tickets, it might be worth using your confirmation of enrolment or letter of offer for these.


In terms of library borrowing access - there's registration available through 


Enjoy your studies!

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Re: Acquiring a student card (for OUA student)