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Adobe for staff

Just wondering if staff are able to download the Adobe suite?

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Re: Adobe for staff

Hi @Lobby and welcome to the community!


Are you looking to install Adobe onto a personal device or onto an RMIT one?


Staff are eligible for a significantly discounted Creative Cloud subscription, which includes use of the Creative Suite on personal devices.

More info on this and other software here:

and here:


If you're looking to install these onto an RMIT device, this is possible, but there are different processes depending on what sort of RMIT device you are using. If this is what you're looking for, please let us know what type of RMIT computer you want to install this on.




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Re: Adobe for staff

Hi. I've tried to follow the info provided in this post, but it just redirects me to OnTheHub, which does not have the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on it. 

I'm a staff member and have previously been able to install the Adobe Creative Suite on my personal computer (Windows 10)for educational purposes. My Creative Cloud subscribtion is expiring, and I'm trying to renew it, but I'm stuck in a loop where RMIT IT support directs me to the OnTheHub site for  the Adobe Suite, and then OnTheHub tells me it is not available. Please help!


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Re: Adobe for staff

Hi Aleisha,


Are you logging onto OnTheHub with your E number? The first page after logging in should list Adobe Creative Cloud -- a one-year subscription for $12.25. But it only comes up if you create an account with your E number, as it's a staff-only offer.

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Re: Adobe for staff

It seems that the annual subscription is not available anymore. All I see is a monthly subscription of $26.85 for the entire suite.

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Re: Adobe for staff

Could you kindly verify with the eStore administration, whether we still have the subscription per code redemption for the yearly subscription. As this option seems not to be available anymore. When you add Adobe CC to the cart, it links you back to Adobe CC website with a monthly subscription of AUD 28.59. Even the AUD 27.51 seems not to be correct! (see attached). 

This step seems to be the last step then it links to Adobe's website.Red text ... please note.Red text ... please note. 

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Re: Adobe for staff

My solution:

I had the same issue. I used to be able to buy the $13pa version under etc. This didn't work for me this time in 2018, it kept sending me to the $30pcm option. So I registered as a new with mystaffnumber@rmit... (e.g. e99999@rmit...), and the option for the cheap annual subscription was there again.

Hope this helps.