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After hours study

Where can we study after hours on weekends. The library is open late during the week which is great but closed at 5 on weekend and I like to study late. Is there spots open later on weekends or 24/7?

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Re: After hours study

There is a 24/7 computer lab which is currently occupied by RMIT connect. They have made an announcement on myRMIT saying this will revert back into the 24/7 lab on April 10.


You need security access on your student card though if you want to use the room, more info on getting that:


Until then there is a  temporary Student Lab currently located in Building 8, level 7, Room 49 but not sure what the hours are.

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Re: After hours study

Also: check with your School. Certainly in Engineering, while the Building 56 classrooms are *listed* as being from 9 to 5:30 (, you can get after-hours access till about 1am.

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Re: After hours study


I'm also an engineering student but I failed to get access to building 56 with my student card at only 6.30 pm. Can you please tell me how can I get in there?