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Applying for graduation in Aug 2016



I received an email to apply for graduation by using Enrolment Online then entering My Student Records from there where i would be able to start my application for graduation. When i went into my student records, the status on my graduation application is listed as 'In Progress' but i have not done any application for graduation thus far. May i know why is this so and what should i do?


Thank you in advance.


Re: Applying for graduation in Aug 2016

Hi @Bel

Thanks for posting!


If you have completed your studies you will not be considered as an active student by the system. It is unlikely you'll have a link to Enrolment Online in your MyRMIT, so you should refer to the page below which provides further information:;ID=xwat1te0m2ie1


As per the page if you have any issues logging in to or using the system, please contact RMIT Connect for assistance:
Phone+61 3 9925 5000, Monday to Thursday: 9am–5pm and Friday: 10am–5pm

They should also be able to advise what infromation is necessary to complete the graduation process.



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