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Awards for Excellence: Professional staff

The Awards for Excellence in 2017 have just been announced. Congratulations to all recipients! Our successes are based on the contribution of so many and these awards are one but an important part of our annual celebration of staff achievements and contributions. I see everyday the positive and hugely important contribution of so many people at all levels to keep this place going and for the benefit of the university, students, and our partners. 
These awards are meant to be about teaching, research and professional staff. There was great representation from the learning, teaching and research community and amazing recognition of huge contributions and achievements. However, there was only one professional staff member recognised this year, and that staff member is at an executive level. 
There are very significant contributions made by professional staff, staff at the grass routes of this organisation, to the ongoing success and operations of this university - many amazing contributions are made by staff who are at different ranges of the HEW levels. There isn't any other forum for these efforts to be recognised other than through these annual awards.  
This type of activity and recognition goes a long way for upholding the morale and culture of the organisation. Lack of recognition of team efforts and the individual contributions of staff members not only creates a divide but it blocks out a large percentage of staff who contribute to this organisation's success. It would be great to see RMIT's community facilitating, recognising and encouraging all staff, including a range of professional staff and their contributions to this university. 
It would be great to see these awards expanded to ensure professional staff can be better represented in the recipient lists. Just like there are dedicated awards for research and teaching staff, perhaps the same can be made for professional staff? 
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Re: Awards for Excellence: Professional staff

Trevor McGuire and team - any response?