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BUSM4344 course materials not available

Hello - I am enrolled in BUSM4344 Financial Analytics for Managerial Decisions. On my student RMIT page it is saying there are no learning resources available for this course. I was under the impression session 2 started yesterday, therefore the materials should be available.

I am keen to get started!

Any information appreciated.

Regards Georgina

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Re: BUSM4344 course materials not available

Hi @GE,


I am reposting Adam's answer in a post of similiar situation @Ahutch0 , all glories goes to him.


If you're correctly enrolled, then your blackboard access should reflect what is on your student records.
It sounds like you're going via the correct path which is:
Log in to MyRMIT > MyStudies tab > click the drop down arrow next to the course code > Click BLACKBOARD to open the course blackboard.
The only potential change to this is some courses are being delivered in the new Canvas system. The only difference here will be the link under the course code will display as CANVAS instead of BLACKBOARD. You will not see Canvas courses listed in the same system as Blackboards.

To add a bit on it, if you have just enroled, you will need to wait for 24 hours to let the system processing the information first, then you will be able to see your course materials on blackboard if they are not delivered in the new Canvas system.


Cheers, enjoy your study.


Tony Duan


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Re: BUSM4344 course materials not available

Thanks Tony.

Yes, I am logging on the correct way. This is my second course, and I enrolled and paid for it about two months ago. I did see some material is going to CANVAS, but there is no indication that my course material is moving to there.

I guess I keep waiting! I was told that although session 2 has started, some lectures take a few days to put the material up.

Kind regards Georgina