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Badges in myCommunity

The start of Semester 1 2016 marks the official 'launch' of badges in myCommunity.
Badges are awarded to members automatically in response to certain actions or achievements within the community.
Think of them as the virtual version of Scout badges, though instead of tying a Reef-knot or helping a senior citizen cross the road, you simply need to be a helpful member of myCommunity! The more involved you are, the higher you climb through the virtual ranks, earning badges which you can proudly pin on your profile! 
Also, you'll find that earning certain badges will unlock hidden features in myCommunity! Of course, telling you what they are would spoil the fun - so go ahead, see if you can earn them all!
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Re: Badges in myCommunity

Hi All! 


If you're looking to find out what badges you have already unlocked, check out your profile! Follow the steps below: 


1. on myCommunity home page, click on the slide out menu 




2. Select "My profile" 




3. You will be able to view your most recent badges, if you would like to see all badges that are available, select "View All"





Seen your badges? Want to know who else on the community has the same or MORE badges than you have? Take a look at other myCommunity member profiles too!


1. Click on the name of a member in the community 




2. From here you will be able to view the badges earned by this community member 




Now be the first to unlock hidden features in myCommunity by earning more badges!!

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Re: Badges in myCommunity

Can I use my iPhone for uploading pictures?
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