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Calling RMIT Connect - quickly navigating the telephone menu

Hi to the myCommunity board;


We understand that our phone menu can be a bit long to sit through at times - we try to keep it brief, but we do deal with such a broad range of questions that it can be difficult at times. So, here's the menu options required to get through to any arm of RMIT Connect quickly:


Counselling: Option one, then option one.

Student Support (This means help with housing, legal matters, disability management, financial support): Option one, then option 2.

VET Fee-Help and VET Student Loans: Option 2, then option 1.

Timetables (meaning, literally, picking what hours of the day you have class): For Vocational Education students, press 2 then 3. For Higher Education students, option 3 then option 2.

Student administration items (i.e. enrolment into courses, fees, graduations, transcripts, etc etc): For Vocational Education students, press 2 then 2. For Higher Education, 3 then 1.

College of Business Students - program planning advice, credit advice: Vocational Education students, press 2 then 4. Higher Education, press 3 then 3.


We hope this makes things a little easier. We're sorry about our long wait times at the moment - we are also offering a chat service at which might help if you have a simple enquiry.


RMIT Comms guru, professionally lurking on myCommunity, googling cat gifs, and occasionally even answering questions and being helpful.

RMIT Connect monitors these forums at 10am and 2pm every day, but please call for urgent matters.