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I am a student who is studying environmental engineering. But I want to study computer science next semester for my personal reason. Is it possible, if it is, what should I do?
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Re: Change Program

Hi to the mysterious @s3538368...


I'm sorry to hear that Environmental Engineering is not working for you. As a side note - if there are any particular issues with the program itself, please make sure that you let us know so that we can take the feedback on board.


In order to transfer, you'll need to make an application to the program itself - make sure you fulfil the selection criteria. If you're an international student, you'll need to use iApply - if you're a local student, then you can use myRMIT.


Have a quick look at and the details under the Apply button to see how it's done. (Don't forget to check that it's showing the correct details for your citizenship status - whether you are a local or an international student).


If by "next semester" you mean the semester starting in February, you will have to start doing this as soon as possible. 


Because there's not a lot of overlap between the content for Environmental Engineering and Computer Science, I wouldn't expect that you'd get much credit for subjects that you have already studied. This means that you'd essentially have to start any Computer Science program from the very beginning. If you're an international student, this could have larger implications for your student visa and transfers will need to be approved by RMIT International.


I hope this helps. As a final personal note - please make sure that this is definitely what you want before you change, because once you have given up your place in your original program, there is no guarantee you will get it back. The Careers department has developed a resource for students considering a change of programs - have a look at (login required).

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Re: Change Program


I actually wanted to know if I can change my course from Master of Commerce to Master of Marketing or any other course for the semester starting in February? 

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Re: Change Program


My name is Bhavitha. I am a student of Masters of Data Science in RMIT in my Semester 2. Due to the complexity in the course I am unable to cope up with the subjects and would like change my course to Analytics. But I am unaware about the subject complexity in Analytics and hence I would need more information on the same.


Thank you