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Change of name

To whom it may concern,


I am from SIM-RMIT (Singapore) and I was wondering how I can change my name in the RMIT blackboard because the name listed online and in my Id is wrong?


Thanks for your help

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Re: Change of name

Hi @Jeron

you can go to RMIT connect, they should be able to provide you that service. 


They are located in City Building 10, level 4




Tony Duan

Second year student studying BIS
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Re: Change of name

Tony Duan, 


Thanks for the reply. I am currently staying in the Singapore campus so access to the said building is impossible. I went to student service centre and they told me that I should just go the RMIT Connect website which I did, but I couldn't find the link for the change of name service. 


Thank you


Re: Change of name

U may try the link above and make an enquiry. U can only change personal detailes such as address and phone number online, but not your name.