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I've got a pair of timetable clashes and I'm not 100% on what I have to do. Listed below.

Business IT & Supply Chain lecture clashes with Inf Sys Solutions and Design lecture (OMGT2155_1910_1925_AUSCY|LEC01|01 clashes with ISYS2047_1910_1815_AUSCY|LEC01|01)
Astronomy and Black Holes lecture clashes with E-Business Systems practical (PHYS2086_1910_1185_AUSCY|LEC01|01 clashes with INTE2047_1910_1765_AUSCY|PRA01|03)

In the first case, both lectures are only on at one time with no alternatives. In the second case, there are other E-Business Systems practical classes available, but they are full.

What are my options?

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Re: Clashes

Best advice I can give is that you'll want to go visit Business Central in building 80 on floor 7 as they handle everything to do with timetabling for Business programs.
The best way to get in contact with them is to visit the desk between Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm and Friday: 10am - 5pm.
Though you can also try submitting a request online at RMIT Connect by selecting "Clashes" from the "Timetables" category and they may be able to direct your query to the right place.

It will be impossible for anyone here to be of much help to you as it requires knowledge of the specific program and how it is set up.